OLEXA®, France's leading manufacturer of screw presses in Europe, not only offers its customers a range of plant oil screw presses, but also comprehensive solutions (crushers, cookers, filters etc.). Screw presses made by OLEXA® are also applied in other sectors of activity, in particular for the production of animal meal and dehydrated products.

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We extract the value, this is our commitment. Firstly, our commitment to listen to you, to better understand your projects, ambitions, constraints and queries. We also commit to be mobilised in order to provide you with ...

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Oil extraction, or oleaginous products treatment, consists of extracting oil from the grain to produce a meal intended to be used as animal feed or as fuel.

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To ensure quality and continuity in the production of meat meal, OLEXA® was among the first manufacturers to develop continuous pressure in the animal waste industry. We have also developed associated equipment, across the spectrum...

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OLEXA® is the leader in the drying/dewatering of products for screw press related processes. Our screw presses are specially adapted to handle problems related to drying, and to bring better results for your products: alfalfa, pulp, paper waste, fish waste, ...

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From the Latin “Cocos Nucifera” (Palm)
Alternative names: Coconut tree, Coprah, Klapper Olie (Holland); Narel (India);Tanynga (Tamil)
Origin: islands of the Pacific and Indian Oceans, Africa, West Indies, Indochina
Description: Nut kernel
Oil content: 65-70%
Colour: white to dark yellow

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Oils’ Usages test

Food, Soap Making, Cosmetics


  • Process: Cold pressing
  • Ambient temperature: Min 30°C
  • Product temperature: Min 30°C
  • Humidity of the product: Min 3%
  • Oil content of cakes: 14-20% depending on the characteristics, origin of the products and quality of grinding.

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