Taking full advantage of cutting-edge technology, the engineers and technicians at OLEXA® possess the necessary means to meet your most specific requests. Thanks to our testing stations, we can offer you a personalised solution which is perfectly adapted to your production.

Some studies can also be realised by universities and research centres.

We also have several pilot units which enables us to handle and tune our machines to particular phases of a chain of processes.
Our research department is constantly seeking and studying new products and is constantly investigating new ways to improve our existing product range. This allows our customer base to constantly benefit from the newest technological innovations.

Focus on: Pellet system

OLEXA® developed a granulation system in answer to problems with meal transport and storage and to optimise performance during solvent extraction.

This system is directly fixed onto the press and it really simplifies the usage, requiring absolutely no energy input (electricity). You can produce high quality pellets in varying sizes: 6 – 8 – 10- 12mm in diameter.

It is protected by a European patent.