l'équipe Olexa - Olexa team

We extract the value, this is our commitment.

Firstly, our commitment to listen to you, to better understand your projects, ambitions, constraints and queries.
We also commit to be mobilised in order to provide you with :

  • Technical solutions adapted to your needs (see also: research department)
  • Equipment which is viable, lasting and performant
  • An impeccable level of service

We extract the value, this is also an expectation.

Thanks to the men and women who, each day, conceive and create equipment with high additional value.
Thanks to our Conception and Creation Centre, established in France, which houses a pilot unit from which we can test, experiment and innovate. Driving benefit from this, we hold several European patents which clearly show the merits of our Research and Development work.
OLEXA® (the new name for La Mécanique Moderne since 2016) is the European leader in screw press fabrication.

Finally, we extract the value, this is our raison d’être.

Giving the best in order to achieve the best. Therefore harnessing the vital value from a single seed, for the benefit of humans across the world.